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God At Work – How to Improve Your Vocational Health

Careers can swing from routine to exciting, to chaotic, and unpredictable. Sometimes all in the same day! Each workplace brings its own rewards and its own stress. Vocational health is reflecting Christ in the workplace through our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, regardless of the circumstances. It means seeing our work as God sees it. “Whatever ...

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Is Work A Curse Or A Gift?

Discover why we work. Is work a curse or a gift? What's our motivation? All work is ministry and has eternal value. Work is a gift of trust. Work contributes to God's creation. Remember the real reason we work when work is difficult. Watch the video on YouTube.

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Integrating Faith, Work and Life and Christian Work Ethics (AKA Cherry Pie)

All work matters to God. Christian work ethics teach us that work, in itself, is service to Christ. Everything we do is for God. Faith, at work, matters. Your work is service to others no matter what your job is. Dealing with difficult co-workers, demanding bosses, and other work stresses can be challenging. Learn more ...

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