How Women Reflect Christ’s Work in the Workplace: Professor Helen Mitchell Feature on Crowell School of Business

Professor Helen Mitchell shares an encouragement for women in the workplace. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 (NIV) "Part of the battle for women in the workforce is to be recognized as equal. Striving to be seen for her leadership and ...

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RightNow Media’s Introduction of Helen Mitchell at the 2019 Work as Worship Conference in Dallas, TX

As one of the keynote speakers for 2019, along with Francis Chan and Steve Green, Hobby Lobby, it was an honor and a privilege to be invited to participate in this impactful conference. We highly recommend their library of online resources where you will find Helen’s talk at As this short video introduction shares, Helen Mitchell ...

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Talbot Magazine, June 2019 – Helen Mitchell Featured Center Article, “Equipping People to Do Ministry Monday Through Friday”

Across from the Dean's letter in print edition of Talbot Magazine, you'll find Helen's featured article, "Equipping People to Do Ministry Monday Through Friday". It reads, "Work was designed to provide intrinsic value for human flourishing and a better society. Work is part of our service to Christ. Work when done in the hands of ...

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Helen Mitchell Invites You To The 2019 RightNow Media Work as Worship Retreat

As one of the keynote speakers, Helen Mitchell invites you to the 2019 RightNow Media Work as Worship Retreat, February 22, 2019. On February 22, join thousands of Christian business professionals across the country for a 1-day livestream event to hear from experts on connecting your faith and work.  

Helen Mitchell on Faith in the Workplace via Intentional Living Radio

Helen Mitchell was a guest on the Intentional Living radio program with Dr. Randy Carlson. Taking live questions they discussed what faith in the workplace means and how to practically live it out. "It’s becoming more and more difficult to live out your faith in the workplace. Have you ever been harassed at work because of your ...

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Does Faith Fit Into The World We Created? – Featured Article on Convene

"Work when done with a willing heart, to serve others and for the glory of God, is part of our service to Christ. Your work matters to God and to others. Will you fully embrace your call to work? The world is waiting." Read the full article at Convene. - CLICK HERE

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Moses and the Burning Water Cooler: Featured Article on High Calling

Moses was a common man whose relationships distinguished him as a man of God in the eyes of his followers. An obedient and humble servant of the Lord, he accepted his 40-year assignment to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. This "job offer" wasn't his first choice, but he wasn't about to cross God. ...

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Right or Wrong? You Can’t Have It Both Ways: Featured Article on High Calling

A handyman and a mortgage broker built their businesses with a heart toward serving the Lord through their work. This was easy enough as long as business was profitable, clients many, and problems few. Of course, problems always show up eventually, and often they present an opportunity to choose Christ's way. For the handyman, going into ...

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Working for Pharaoh: Featured Article on Asbury Seminary

"Leadership is a gift and responsibility.  Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a Master in heaven (Colossians 4:1 NIV). So what should you do if you find yourself working for a modern day Pharaoh?" Is Pharaoh hiding in our leadership? I think it's so ...

When God’s Timing is Ahead of Our Timing: Featured Article on Asbury Seminary

“To say that God’s timing is not our timing generally indicates we do not believe that God is moving as fast as we would like. Is it possible—just possible—that we could be the ones who are ahead of God, running faster than natural events?  We are tempered like eager puppies on a walk, pulling too ...

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