Effective Strategies for Managing Change In The New Year

Change is Inevitable…..Growth is Optional

There are more failed businesses in a year than most people would believe. Often, these businesses have failed because of poor change management. Companies and employees often struggle with changing conditions, either internal or external and have trouble implementing strategies to cope.

As we start a new year with 2017, there will be many changes to deal with. New government in the U.S. bodes for an increasing amount of change in a business market. Environmental and management concerns will also change with customer’s tastes and needs.

Change can be difficult to accept. Businesses, managers, and employees all have their own reasons to resist different practices. There are steps that can be taken, however, to successfully lead the charge in a new direction. There are also incredibly common mistakes to avoid that can balloon into massive roadblocks for managers and companies that aren’t prepared.

Effective Strategies for Managing Change

Pause and Think…

…of a current or past change in your organization, home or personally or a skill you had to learn.

  • Who or what initiated the change process?
  • What was your initial reaction?
  • Who was involved?
  • What was the expected outcome(s)?
  • At what points did the change falter?

What is the hardest thing to do and manage in business?


 Why do Organizations Need to Change?

  • Strategic drift
  • Need to adapt to external environment
  • Respond to threats for survival
  • Respond to opportunities to thrive
  • Significant change in the business model

70% of all organizational change projects fail.

Why Resist Change? 

  • Fear and/or Loss
  • Mistrust Leadership
  • Disagreement on the direction and change
  • Generally don’t tolerate change well

8 Steps to Leading Change

  1. Establish a sense of urgency!
  2. Create a guiding team
  3. Develop a compelling vision
  4. Communicate for buy-in
  5. Empower action – remove barriers and roadblocks
  6. Create short term wins
  7. Don’t let up
  8. Make change stick

5 Mistakes to Avoid 

  1. Change fatigue – Too much – too fast!
  2. CEO and top team dictate the change – tell and sell
  3. Confusing communications with engagement
  4. Believing training, reward and systems enough to implement change and ignore the culture.
  5. Not involving multiple groups or departments or the front line.

To download the full PDF, “EffectiveStrategiess and Managing Change” – CLICK HERE. 


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