Current Issues in Leadership and Management: Guest Lecture at Life Pacific College

Source: Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, Jan/Feb 2017 “The Neuroscience of Trust”

Life Pacific College in San Dimas, CA recently welcomed Helen Mitchell as a guest lecturer in the Masters in Strategic Leadership Program. “Current Issues in Leadership and Management” discussed both broad and complex topics with a focus on Gender and Leadership and Trust in Leadership.

More From The Current Issues n Leadership Lecture:

  • Why does the world need both men and women leading?
    God’s hidden reasons why – they are either a source of conflict or collaboration. God must be laughing when he created man and woman and told them to work together.
  • The 3 Lies about work that is oppressing people and holding them back from their destiny.
  • Beginning to dismantle, demystify and diagnose what trust means. How it works and why it fails.
  • What it really means to be human and why that is important for leadership development.
  • Building bridges between genders.
  • Addressing culture as symptoms and identifying strategic points of access for both conversations.
  • The economic, business and physical impact of a high trust organization and why it’s so hard to achieve.
  • The different arenas where trust is fostered, how to lead and how trust plays out for impact with one surprising fact to the center of it all.

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