Closing the Gap Between Church and Business

Helen M. Mitchell, in September 2011, then Director and co-founder of Saddleback Church’s workplace ministry, Saddleback@Work, discusses with Talbot School of Theology faculty and the late Dallas Willard, the outcomes and objectives of deploying a responsible theology of work in the local church to disciple workplace believers.

In this video clip, the Biola graduate and guest lecturer shares with us how the R.I.D.E. framework offers the local church a framework to strategically enter into faith, work and vocation.

“Before we go out and start programming what we’re going to do in the local church, we really need to have a good solid understanding of not only the theology of work but have a framework or a strategy to understand how we’re going to move the change. And look at what are some of the outcomes and what does that look like?”
The Saddleback@Work mission is to equip, connect and send workplace believers into their area of influence.

Watch here: Closing the Gap Between Church and Business


Role. What is the role that the workplace believer plays? God has given each person influence.  What is their job description for Jesus?

Identify the role or the impact that the workplace believer holds. Get a mental model, visuals, testimonials.

Discipleship. Have a strategy to disciple believers in their worklife.

Empower  the believer to multiply.

This holistic perspective supports a believer to see the real impact they can have at work.