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With an increasing emphasis on the value of one’s work outside of the local church, many pastors are left wondering if their work inside the local church is now less significant.

My response is, “absolutely not!”  In fact, I believe the role of the pastor is becoming more influential and more important than ever before.

Ephesians 4:11-13 expands the pastor’s role by instructing God’s representatives to equip the saints for the work of ministry. The word “works” in this passage is the Greek word ergon, which can mean business, employment, task, product developed or anything accomplished by hand, art, or industry.

Part of the pastoral job description then, is to help God’s people find the right job and to do it with excellence as unto the Lord to benefit the common good and for human flourishing.  Work has intrinsic value. The local church is the most effective place for reaching and equipping everyday believers in all parts of their life.

Faith, work and vocation is not just another good idea or a program, but a biblical mission intrinsic to God’s greater plans and purposes.

Helen M. Mitchell is bringing strategies, wisdom and experience into the local church to effectively establish and maintain faith, work and vocation ministry efforts.

She is coming alongside pastors to understand and launch faith, work and economics within the culture and context of their own church and to effectively disciple marketplace believers.

This is not a matter of adding a new program or embracing theology but managing a strategic organizational change in the local church.   For what has taken churches years to develop is now being accomplished in a matter of months.

Helen Mitchell is uniquely and deeply gifted in the areas of strategy, execution, and leading change.

These gifts have served her well in the corporate world and in pastoral ministry.

She now stewards her gifts and experience to help pastors thrive by integrating a theology of faith, work, and vocation into their daily practice of ministry.

Chris Neal, Director of the Youth Leadership Initiative, Center for Vocational Ministry at APU - Regional Coordinator, Made to Flourish

Helen M. Mitchell is a perfect fit for any church ready to take the first step in faith, work and vocation or to take current efforts to the next level of fruitfulness.

  • Identify and overcome the barriers holding the local church back
  • Develop a team and establish momentum
  • Align around a broader vision
  • Understand faith, work and vocation and the role of the local church
  • Communicate and engage the church
  • Develop strategies and a strategic framework within the culture of the local church
  • Understand how to grow or disciple people in their worklife.
  • Develop effective discipleship strategies
  • Develop effective programs, initiatives and next steps
  • Build upon current momentum and identify hidden barriers

Closing the Gap Between Church and Business

In partnership with you, and for your church, this is accomplished by:

  • Half day leadership summits
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Keynote speaking
  • Consulting and advising
  • Customized workshops and training

For more information on the church and the marketplace, visit the Resources section and check out the articles and materials, including the Ministry Today article, The Marketplace and the Church and The Talbot Center for Faith, Work and Economics sheet and the church process sheet.

The five-step church process model was built around the three barriers holding the local church back and the eight reasons why organizations fail change.

Download her full bio and speaker’s sheet.

Email Helen today to explore how your church can take the next step in setting God’s people back to work for him.