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Helen Mitchell Speaking

Helen M. Mitchell is skilled at transforming how we think about work in God’s plans.

She has encouraged thousands of men and women seeking to understand God’s greater purposes for work, vocation and calling and how to practically live that out in their daily lives.

She has worked with hundreds of high impact business leaders through coaching and specialized training and customized leadership workshops. She is a champion for the pastor and the local church to have the knowledge and skills to become a source of practical wisdom to their congregation.

Helen will show your audience why faith, work and economics is not just another good idea but part of God’s plan, and why now is the time.  Her love for Jesus is obvious.

  • Powerful keynote speeches
  • Interactive workshops
  • Customized training sessions

She is transforming organizations and perspectives on work and calling.

  • Motivates and inspires her audiences with vision and passion
  • Practical wisdom effectively equips for life application
  • Transparency and reality moves hearts
  • Integrated Biblical truth

A perfect fit for business leaders, pastors and marketplace women.

Helen Mitchell speaks and teaches at conferences, business meetings, churches, retreats and other events.

Speaking topics:

  • Business – leading and growing
  • Calling and Vocation
  • Change (initiating, adapting, leading and managing)
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Faith@Work
  • Leadership
  • Leadership and Spiritual Authority in Business
  • Life Planning
  • Loss and Grief
  • Motivational
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Pastoring Marketplace Believers
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Strategy
  • Women in the Marketplace
  • Work and Vocation @ Church: From Theology to Practice
  • Workplace Ministry in the local church
  • Workplace Small Groups
When it comes to collecting and dispensing fruitful leadership ideas to people from all walks, Helen Mitchell is “at the top.”

Truly outstanding is Helen’s ability to impart biblically-sound leadership principles in applicable and workplace-relevant ways; Helen is a catalyst for positive change and momentum. When she spoke at our company, the employees were met with wisdom, strategy and encouragement that changed the way they thought about work and their purpose in the world.

Helen’s refreshing message is impactful and transforming, because she has humbly walked the walk with our Lord. Her education and proven track record in industry and pastoral care give her an instant connection and credibility with her audiences.

Invite Helen, and prepare to be reinvigorated about the meaning of work, and turning that work into the noble calling that God prepared, in advance, for it to be in all our lives.

Santiago Kow, Principal Engineer and Christian Employee Resource Group Founder
 - Global Healthcare Solutions Industry

Ask Helen about customizing a presentation for your audience and program objectives.

The following suggested program titles are categorized by personal development, spiritual development and vocational development.


  • Balance of Life
  • Being God’s Woman in a Man’s World
  • Calling, Purpose and an Empowered Life
  • Gender and Leadership
  • Learning From Influential Women in the Bible
  • Living as the Unique and Influential Woman you were Created to Be
  • Making the Case for God’s Role for Women in the World
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Secrets Effectively Leading and Inspiring People
  • The Call to the Workplace
  • The Worth of Work
  • 3 Dimensional Leadership
  • Trust in Leadership
  • You Think You’re Leading, But is Anyone Following?
  • What to Do with the People@Work


  • Don’t Blame it on the Devil – How we Unknowingly Cause Our Own Anxiety
  • Leading with Spiritual Authority
  • Shaping our Children into Spiritual Champions and Effective Change Agents
  • Stop Over Spiritualizing Things and Get to Work!
  • The 3 Questions That God is Asking of You
  • The Lazarus Project – Having Radical Faith When Things Look Dead
  • Why was Jesus’ 7 “I Am’s” in The Book of John a Big Deal?


In the Local Church:

  • Effective Discipleship Strategies for Marketplace Believers
  • From Theory to Practice – A Strategic Faith@Work Approach in the Local Church
  • How can the pastor and the local church make a difference in the world?
    Making the case for their pivotal role regarding faith, work & economics
  • How to Effectively Establish and Maintain a Workplace Small Groups
  • The Biblical Imperative – Faith, Work and Vocation in the Local Church
  • The Local Church in Response to Widows and the Fatherless – What to Do?
  • Workplace Ministry – Why it is Not Just Another Church Program

In the Marketplace:

  • Developing a Culture of Creativity and Innovation
  • Effective Strategies for Leading and Managing Change (Change is envitable…Growth is optional)
  • Grow Your Business while Navigating Around Predictable Obstacles
  • Leveraging Your Business and Influence into God’s Plans and Purposes
  • Moving Employees from Mediocrity to Excellence
  • Secrets to Effectively Leading and Inspiring People (What you didn’t learn in school)
  • What do David and Goliath Have to do With Business?

Interested in inviting Helen to speak at an event?   Contact Helen by email, download her Speaker’s Sheet and full bio.