Faith, Work & Money Church Integration Inventory

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It may seem obvious that Christians should live all of their life through the lens of faith, but what does that really mean? Is there more than being a good moral person? Three out of four believers do not see how faith is relevant to inform everyday work. The groundbreaking Faith, Work & Money Integration ...

Helen Mitchell Featured on Biola University Article on “Dividing work into sacred and secular isn’t what God had in mind”

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Helen Mitchell recently shared with Biola University Crowell School of Business in her recent article, "Leaning Into Work as Ministry: Dividing work into sacred and secular isn’t what God had in mind" that work is part of one’s calling and service to Christ. Work when done in the hands of a believer can be ministry. ...

Biola Launches Our Very Own “The Work Exchange,” A Free Online Resource to Empower Your Work

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Biola University is now featuring The Work Exchange, a new free online six-session learning experience launched by Talbot School of Theology that will help participants increase their purpose, power and peace at work. “Participants will learn how to turn everything around, in whatever work they do,” said Helen Mitchell (M.A. ’09, M.A. ’15), Talbot’s Center for Faith, Work, and Economics ...

Helen Mitchell Co-Develops Ground Breaking Learning Experience: The Work Exchange

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Are you experiencing frustration, exhaustion, or ambivalence in your day-to-day activities? Want more purpose, power, and peace at work? In partnership with Convene and The Talbot Center for Faith, Work and Economics, have created The Work Exchange, a FREE six-session learning experience for Christians. This is not another theology of work course; it’s about how ...

How Women Reflect Christ’s Work in the Workplace: Professor Helen Mitchell Feature on Crowell School of Business

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Professor Helen Mitchell shares an encouragement for women in the workplace. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 (NIV) "Part of the battle for women in the workforce is to be recognized as equal. Striving to be seen for her leadership and ...

Talbot Magazine, June 2019 – Helen Mitchell Featured Center Article, “Equipping People to Do Ministry Monday Through Friday”

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Across from the Dean's letter in print edition of Talbot Magazine, you'll find Helen's featured article, "Equipping People to Do Ministry Monday Through Friday". It reads, "Work was designed to provide intrinsic value for human flourishing and a better society. Work is part of our service to Christ. Work when done in the hands of ...

CCB Interview w/ Helen Mitchell: Engaging Companies, Universities, and Churches in Faith at Work

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In Episode #66 of the Christianity in Business Podcast, Helen Mitchell shares from her background as a pioneer in the modern faith-at-work movement in multiple spheres: local churches, universities, and companies. Visit Houston Baptist University site for details about this interview. Click Here Listen Here

Helen Mitchell on Faith in the Workplace via Intentional Living Radio

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Helen Mitchell was a guest on the Intentional Living radio program with Dr. Randy Carlson. Taking live questions they discussed what faith in the workplace means and how to practically live it out. "It’s becoming more and more difficult to live out your faith in the workplace. Have you ever been harassed at work because of your ...

Does Faith Fit Into The World We Created? – Featured Article on Convene

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"Work when done with a willing heart, to serve others and for the glory of God, is part of our service to Christ. Your work matters to God and to others. Will you fully embrace your call to work? The world is waiting." Read the full article at Convene. - CLICK HERE

Making the Case for God’s Role For Women in the World: Helen Mitchell Speaks At Biola’s Woven Conference

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On March 4, 2017, at The third annual Biola University Woven Conference, Helen Mitchell joined successful business women and students to advise these women of faith in the pursuit of their careers. Helen was said to have made a lasting impact with her presentation, "Making the Case for God’s Role For Women in the World." In ...