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Helen Mitchell on Faith, Leadership, and a Theology of Work on Podcast, The Word at Work with Miranda Carls

The Word at Work with Miranda Carls: A Podcast for Christian Professionals asked Helen Mitchell to join with insights on faith, leadership, and a theology of work. Listen now and join the discussion. LISTEN ON MIRANDA CARLS WEBSITE >> LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS >>  

Is Work Just a Paycheck? A Podcast w Helen Mitchell and Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith & Culture

Helen Mitchell shares that she had the pleasure and honor of sitting down with Dr. Sean McDowell and Dr. Scott Rae, Talbot School of Theology in their Think Biblically Podcast. They talked about work, some myths about work and how we got some of it incorrect, and what God is inviting us into. "What’s is ...

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Faith, Work & Money Church Integration Inventory

It may seem obvious that Christians should live all of their life through the lens of faith, but what does that really mean? Is there more than being a good moral person? Three out of four believers do not see how faith is relevant to inform everyday work. The groundbreaking Faith, Work & Money Integration ...

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Helen Mitchell & The Work Exchange Featured on The Word at Work – Miranda Carl’s Podcast

Helen Mitchell shares what an honor it was to join Miranda Carls, PCC on her podcast! Folks, pull up a chair and come and join us as we unpack real and heavy issues people are facing. You will probably find yourself in one of these scenarios. Someone wanted to know if they are complicit in ...

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Helen Mitchell Featured on Biola University Article on “Dividing work into sacred and secular isn’t what God had in mind”

Helen Mitchell recently shared with Biola University Crowell School of Business in her recent article, "Leaning Into Work as Ministry: Dividing work into sacred and secular isn’t what God had in mind" that work is part of one’s calling and service to Christ. Work when done in the hands of a believer can be ministry. ...

Biola Launches Our Very Own “The Work Exchange,” A Free Online Resource to Empower Your Work

Biola University is now featuring The Work Exchange, a new free online six-session learning experience launched by Talbot School of Theology that will help participants increase their purpose, power and peace at work. “Participants will learn how to turn everything around, in whatever work they do,” said Helen Mitchell (M.A. ’09, M.A. ’15), Talbot’s Center for Faith, Work, and Economics ...

Leading Authentically at Work: Helen Mitchell Interview with She Works 4 Him

Helen Mitchell joins She Works 4 Him to discuss unleashing Christian women to live and lead authentically in their workplaces – be it the marketplace, a nonprofit, or the home. “As Christian working women, we are often faced with the tension of finding a balance between our workplace, family, and church. How can we lead ...

Helen Mitchell Co-Develops Ground Breaking Learning Experience: The Work Exchange

Are you experiencing frustration, exhaustion, or ambivalence in your day-to-day activities? Want more purpose, power, and peace at work? In partnership with Convene and The Talbot Center for Faith, Work and Economics, have created The Work Exchange, a FREE six-session learning experience for Christians. This is not another theology of work course; it’s about how ...

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Your Work Matters To God: Helen Mitchell Joins Paster Mark DeYmaz on The Fish & Rejoice!

Live in Little Rock on 93.3 FM (The Fish) 103.3 & 105.5 FM (Rejoice!), Helen joins Pastor Mark DeYmaz in a Facebook Live Chat, "Your Work Matters To God."     Watch “Your Work Matters To God: Helen Mitchell Joins Paster Mark DeYmaz on The Fish & Rejoice!” on Facebook. >> CLICK HERE

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An Integrated Life: Helen Mitchell on Convene Consulting Network

In this episode of the Convene Podcast, Helen joins Mark L. Vincent in a discussion on what it means to live an integrated life and gives practical tips on how to actually implement the ideas.   Watch "An Integrated Life: Helen Mitchell on Convene Consulting Network" on Convene. >> CLICK HERE

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