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about-smr-logoStrategic Management Resources is a strategy and management consulting firm based in Orange County, California. Helen M. Mitchell is the founder and CEO.

The company exists to advance a client’s organizational success and contribution to the common good while improving the quality of life of its’ employees.  We value Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Collaboration and Creativity.

We help our clients find and develop their Business Traction – “the grip of an effective systems thinking strategy that propels an organization forward to achieve superior business results and immediate short term results.”

We assist our clients to envision the future for their organization, develop effective planning strategies, build high levels of organizational capability, and cultivate transformational leaders who can effectively collaborate and lead the implementation plans.

Strategic Management Resources works closely with its clients, as their advocate, to help them become a high-performance business. By unlocking the client’s purpose and potential, we achieve breakthrough results and corporate transformation.

Organizations are not simplistic and independent machines but rather complex, living, breathing organisms that go through predictable growth and maturation cycles. Real results are achieved by leveraging a multi-dimensional and dynamic methodology. Strategy, organizational, and operations planning are integrated into the business along with the mental, personal and internal motivation of the employees.

Strategic Management Resources is more than just a strategy, strategic planning or leadership consulting firm.  The firm is known for its practical understanding of how business works, not just business management and business growth strategies. That includes addressing the impact individual and group organizational behavior have on a company.

Goals and Objectives Planning Process
Organizational Change Management Model
Predictable Organizational Change Drivers
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