Helen Mitchell & The Work Exchange Featured on The Word at Work – Miranda Carl’s Podcast

Helen Mitchell shares what an honor it was to join Miranda Carls, PCC on her podcast!

Folks, pull up a chair and come and join us as we unpack real and heavy issues people are facing. You will probably find yourself in one of these scenarios. Someone wanted to know if they are complicit in the wrongdoings if they don’t step up and speak up….listen to hear my answer. We don’t talk enough about these real workplace pressures and how to respond.

“In today’s episode, we explore a few crowd-sourced ethical dilemmas Christians face in the workplace. If you face challenges as you aim to integrate your Biblical worldview into your secular workplace, this episode is packed with great insights for you to consider.”

Listen to the podcast, “Navigating workplace ethical dilemmas as a Christian” on Miranda Carls – CLICK HERE

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