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RightNow Media’s Introduction of Helen Mitchell at the 2019 Work as Worship Conference in Dallas, TX

As one of the keynote speakers for 2019, along with Francis Chan and Steve Green, Hobby Lobby, it was an honor and a privilege to be invited to participate in this impactful conference. We highly recommend their library of online resources where you will find Helen’s talk at As this short video introduction shares, Helen Mitchell ...

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Talbot Magazine, June 2019 – Helen Mitchell Featured Center Article, “Equipping People to Do Ministry Monday Through Friday”

Across from the Dean's letter in print edition of Talbot Magazine, you'll find Helen's featured article, "Equipping People to Do Ministry Monday Through Friday". It reads, "Work was designed to provide intrinsic value for human flourishing and a better society. Work is part of our service to Christ. Work when done in the hands of ...

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CCB Interview w/ Helen Mitchell: Engaging Companies, Universities, and Churches in Faith at Work

In Episode #66 of the Christianity in Business Podcast, Helen Mitchell shares from her background as a pioneer in the modern faith-at-work movement in multiple spheres: local churches, universities, and companies. Visit Houston Baptist University site for details about this interview. Click Here Listen Here

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Helen Mitchell Invites You To The 2019 RightNow Media Work as Worship Retreat

As one of the keynote speakers, Helen Mitchell invites you to the 2019 RightNow Media Work as Worship Retreat, February 22, 2019. On February 22, join thousands of Christian business professionals across the country for a 1-day livestream event to hear from experts on connecting your faith and work.  

Helen Mitchell on Faith in the Workplace via Intentional Living Radio

Helen Mitchell was a guest on the Intentional Living radio program with Dr. Randy Carlson. Taking live questions they discussed what faith in the workplace means and how to practically live it out. "It’s becoming more and more difficult to live out your faith in the workplace. Have you ever been harassed at work because of your ...

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Making the Case for God’s Role For Women in the World: Helen Mitchell Speaks At Biola’s Woven Conference

On March 4, 2017, at The third annual Biola University Woven Conference, Helen Mitchell joined successful business women and students to advise these women of faith in the pursuit of their careers. Helen was said to have made a lasting impact with her presentation, "Making the Case for God’s Role For Women in the World." In ...

Theology of Work & Calling, Where Do I Start? A Podcast with Greg Leith of Convene & Helen Mitchell

CEO of Convene, Greg Leith interviews speaker, author, & consultant, Helen Mitchell. Convene consists of high-capacity peers in a non-judgmental and confidential environment who help one another gain insight, experience business growth, have an impact, and leave a strong legacy. Greg and Helen discuss: "What do we say to the business person out there who ...

Current Issues in Leadership and Management: Guest Lecture at Life Pacific College

Source: Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, Jan/Feb 2017 “The Neuroscience of Trust” Life Pacific College in San Dimas, CA recently welcomed Helen Mitchell as a guest lecturer in the Masters in Strategic Leadership Program. "Current Issues in Leadership and Management" discussed both broad and complex topics with a focus on Gender and Leadership and Trust ...

Effective Strategies for Managing Change In The New Year

Change is Inevitable.....Growth is Optional There are more failed businesses in a year than most people would believe. Often, these businesses have failed because of poor change management. Companies and employees often struggle with changing conditions, either internal or external and have trouble implementing strategies to cope. As we start a new year with 2017, ...

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Effective Strategies For Managing Change: A Talk with the Institute of Management Consultants

From the Institute of Management Consultants: Business opportunities for all consulting disciplines With Helen Mitchell, CEO, Strategic Management Resources If there was no need for change, there would be no need for management consultants. In today's dynamic business environment, companies that adapt and change survive and thrive, otherwise they shrink and ultimately perish. Managing change ...

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