Workplace Small Groups for Discipleship at Work: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

If three out of four people admit that their faith is the source of moral guidance and daily decisions, how does this translate to their job? What does it mean to be a Christian in the workplace? Could it be more than developing good moral character and evangelizing a co-worker? What if a workplace small group was good for one personally, for their faith, their relationship with their co-workers and good for business? Helen M Mitchell will define what this looks like and the real results achieved while at Saddleback Church.

Discussion Questions:

  1. The first step to establishing workplace small groups is to understand the biblical basis for work, a workplace small group purpose, its benefits and the differences from a home group. Do any of these cause you difficulties?
  2. How might you be more purposeful about growing in your worklife? If you are a pastor, how might you be more intentional about growing flourishing workers in your church?
  3. What would organizations, communities and cities look like if Christians were fully activated in their call to the workplace? What influence and value would they bring to cultural transformation and renewal?

Talbot Faith Center‘s goal is to be a resource to pastors, students, employees, business leaders, retired people, or stay at home parents. All of your work can have value and be part of your service to Christ.

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