Women@Work Navigating Power, Relationships and Calling: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

Is it possible that early development, societal cues and conditioning prepare both men and women in how they will show up in the marketplace? Is business a man’s game or does the women just need to redefine the playing field to bring her giftedness? Helen M. Mitchell offers ten practical ideas for women in the workplace and some traps we may unknowingly fall into that undermine our effectiveness and ability to lead.

Discussion Questions:

  1. When you were young, how was conflict handled in your home? Were you specifically taught to respond to conflict or did your style emerge over time? Conflict if managed well can lead to greater effectiveness and relational connection. In what ways do you handle conflict well and in what ways would you like to grow?
  2. Which one of the ten ideas that Helen presented most resonated with you and why? If you excel at it, imagine mentoring other women. If it’s a weak point for you, think what your relationships and life would be like if you mastered that skill.
  3. Helen spoke about women not supporting other women. Who have been the female voices who positively spoke into your life? Take a few minutes and pray who God would have you invest in.

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