Was Jesus Counter-Cultural Toward Women?: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

What can we discern about how God views women from the way that Jesus interacted with women in a 1st century patriarchal culture? If Jesus was for women, does that mean he was anti-men? Helen M. Mitchell, Director Talbot Center for Faith, Work & Economics, takes you on a walk through history and how women were prominent in the early church and contributors to church history. In spite of the culture of the day, God honored women whose influence stemmed from their character. Have you ever wondered what God thinks about women, the role of a mom or her role in the world, then wonder no more.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Because God delegated authority to mankind to rule on the earth, Jesus respected the culture and systems of the day. However, that did not limit God from bestowing many honors on women who were overlooked in the 1st century. How does that give us an insight into God’s view and value of women?
  2. With cultural limitations, women were instrumental in the establishment of the early Christian church. Today, what barriers have we put on ourselves or others that may be holding us back from stepping forward in faith?
  3. Developing our relationship and intimacy with Jesus is key to seeing things not as the world sees, but as he sees. What would you like to explore in your relationship with Jesus?

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