The Worth, Role and Value of Women: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

What does the Bible say about women? What does it mean that she is a “helper?” Is the woman inferior to the man? How are gender differences part of God’s plan and what does that mean for how the genders are to work together? Helen M. Mitchell, Director Talbot Center for Faith, Work & Economics addresses these questions and more. As she makes a case from scripture that part of our work in the world is through our vocation she will also redefine the worth of women, gender equality and how we, as Christians, should think about it.

Discussion Questions:

  1. After watching this video, how has your perception and understanding of the role of women in the world, specifically in the workplace, been challenged?
  2. Helen suggested that gender differences working together equal a partnership to bring about a greater work in the world. What do you see could be possible if the genders embraced and respected their differences? What impact would that have in the workplace?
  3. Is there a woman in your workplace whom you can encourage, pray for, mentor, or open doors?

Talbot Faith Center‘s goal is to be a resource to pastors, students, employees, business leaders, retired people, or stay at home parents. All of your work can have value and be part of your service to Christ.