How does the Great Commission connect to Genesis?: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

What impact can the local church have on workforce productivity and profitability? Should the local church even be concerned? What direction in hiring can an employer find from the book of Genesis? Is there room in the Great Commission for one’s vocational calling to fit into their Christian life? Helen M. Mitchell will offer some fresh insight as to the role of the Christian in the world, the importance of the local church and why those in the workplace are called to more than they think.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Helen suggested that much of employee disengagement is a problem of purpose and calling and a Christian life problem. What do you think about that?
  2. How could seeing work in the marketplace as part of one’s calling influence how we show up to work every day? Would impact would it have on attitude, motivation and contribution to one’s employer if they are difficult.
  3. Imagine you are sitting with Jesus and together, honestly look at your job, or last one if in transition. Discuss how you think about it and how you typically show up to work. It helps to be honest since he already knows it all. What would you like to tell him about your hopes, dreams, fears, hurts in your work?

Talbot Faith Center‘s goal is to be a resource to pastors, students, employees, business leaders, retired people, or stay at home parents. All of your work can have value and be part of your service to Christ.

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