Effective Strategies For Managing Change: A Talk with the Institute of Management Consultants

institute-of-management-consultantsFrom the Institute of Management Consultants:

Business opportunities for all consulting disciplines
With Helen Mitchell, CEO, Strategic Management Resources

If there was no need for change, there would be no need for management consultants. In today’s dynamic business environment, companies that adapt and change survive and thrive, otherwise they shrink and ultimately perish. Managing change keeps executives up at night, but represents business opportunities for consultants in all disciplines.

On November 10th, I spoke on effective strategies for managing change to the Institute of Management Consultants. Many people have trouble dealing with shifting conditions and expectations in the workplace. Humans are creatures of habit and work well in a stable environment.

We covered many different topics that day, all about change and how to help leaders and their subordinates to transition effectively and efficiently. We look forward to the opportunity to build a half-day workshop from the presentation. Topics will include:

The Forces of Change

Technology, political forces, social changes, marketing conditions, deficiencies being rectified, change in management, etc. Understanding the forces of change and how to manage each differently.

Resistance to Change

Uncertainty, personal concerns, group resistance, dependence, trust in management, or other factors such as perceived weakness in plans. Why resistance and the forces of change are predictable and how management can plan for it.

The Psychology of Change

There are many things that weigh on peoples’ minds from day to day. A changing environment can definitely affect the productivity and happiness of employees in a business. An incredibly important part of effecting lasting, efficient practices starts at the top. The crucial role of leadership in change.

The Practicality of Change

How are big and small changes different? Whether simple or complex changes matter and how businesses can manage the proposed differences. 

Typical Mistakes

Many companies have trouble with shifting markets and times. Many have failed because they didn’t manage change effectively. Typical issues and how to get past them in order to effectively implement changes that need to be made. Typical change leadership mistakes to avoid.

I look forward to leading future discussions about change in the workplace. This is important when dealing with business and the ever-advancing march of technology and social change in the workplace. Whether the business is based in faith or not, a particular passage will be relevant for management positions.

Properly implementing change is important, so prepare for our developing half-day workshop and lesson based on change and the different facets that can affect it for better or worse.

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