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CCB Interview w/ Helen Mitchell: Engaging Companies, Universities, and Churches in Faith at Work

In Episode #66 of the Christianity in Business Podcast, Helen Mitchell shares from her background as a pioneer in the modern faith-at-work movement in multiple spheres: local churches, universities, and companies. Visit Houston Baptist University site for details about this interview. Click Here Listen Here

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Helen Mitchell Invites You To The 2019 RightNow Media Work as Worship Retreat

As one of the keynote speakers, Helen Mitchell invites you to the 2019 RightNow Media Work as Worship Retreat, February 22, 2019. On February 22, join thousands of Christian business professionals across the country for a 1-day livestream event to hear from experts on connecting your faith and work.  

Helen Mitchell on Faith in the Workplace via Intentional Living Radio

Helen Mitchell was a guest on the Intentional Living radio program with Dr. Randy Carlson. Taking live questions they discussed what faith in the workplace means and how to practically live it out. "It’s becoming more and more difficult to live out your faith in the workplace. Have you ever been harassed at work because of your ...

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Women@Work Navigating Power, Relationships and Calling: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

Is it possible that early development, societal cues and conditioning prepare both men and women in how they will show up in the marketplace? Is business a man’s game or does the women just need to redefine the playing field to bring her giftedness? Helen M. Mitchell offers ten practical ideas for women in the ...

Was Jesus Counter-Cultural Toward Women?: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

What can we discern about how God views women from the way that Jesus interacted with women in a 1st century patriarchal culture? If Jesus was for women, does that mean he was anti-men? Helen M. Mitchell, Director Talbot Center for Faith, Work & Economics, takes you on a walk through history and how women ...

The Worth, Role and Value of Women: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

What does the Bible say about women? What does it mean that she is a "helper?" Is the woman inferior to the man? How are gender differences part of God's plan and what does that mean for how the genders are to work together? Helen M. Mitchell, Director Talbot Center for Faith, Work & Economics ...

How does the Great Commission connect to Genesis?: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

What impact can the local church have on workforce productivity and profitability? Should the local church even be concerned? What direction in hiring can an employer find from the book of Genesis? Is there room in the Great Commission for one’s vocational calling to fit into their Christian life? Helen M. Mitchell will offer some ...

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Workplace Small Groups for Discipleship at Work: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

If three out of four people admit that their faith is the source of moral guidance and daily decisions, how does this translate to their job? What does it mean to be a Christian in the workplace? Could it be more than developing good moral character and evangelizing a co-worker? What if a workplace small ...

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Flourishing in One’s Call to Work: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

Could our work have more of an earthly purpose than paying bills and living for the weekend? Is what happens in the local church sacred and what happens in the marketplace secular? What if work was God’s plan? What if our work provides for human flourishing? Christ calls us to true work, true community and ...

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3 Lies About Work That Have Us Fooled: Talbot Faith Center & Helen Mitchell

Could we have unknowingly bought into three lies about work? Could these hidden beliefs and prejudices affect one’s value, self-worth and contributions in the world? Could they a form of idolatry and hinder our calling and purpose? Helen M. Mitchell serves up thought-provoking questions regarding the work in the local church, in the marketplace and ...

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