What People are Saying...

Fresh Strategic Thinking and Simplifying the Complexities
“It’s one thing to have a good strategy and it’s quite another executing it effectively through the company. This is where many companies fail. Helen has the ability to see through the layers of an organization and has helped our Executive team gain clarity, direction, momentum all of which have been focused towards achievable results.”

Bob Bautista

From Wisdom and Experience She Leads
“From our first meeting it was obvious that Helen has been uniquely gifted and prepared by God to develop and run any corporation or ministry.  She is a multi-talented leader who can assess a situation quickly and provide positive, constructive wisdom for the solution.” 

“Helen is an amazing communicator both verbally and in writing because she listens, understands, and speaks intelligently and applicably into people's lives.  Through life's opportunities, the eyes of her heart have been opened to walking with her Lord in integrity.  She is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman clothed with a humble, generous, and honest heart.”

Debbie Blank
Christian Business Women's Fellowship (CBWF)

From Vision and Concept to Actionable Plans
“This was an important meeting with many organizational leaders across the country.  I didn’t know how this meeting would turn out.  We had a brand new idea that needed to be tested.  Helen exceeded my expectations in bringing the group together so that we ended up with plans to move forward with support from these leaders.”

Dr. Jack Preus
Concordia University

Inspiring Speaker who Empowers
“Helen Mitchell was a guest Speaker for the South Orange County's Aglow in the Workplace meeting and is a true crusader for Christ in the workplace.  She was sincerely an inspiration for all those in attendance.  Helen is truly gifted with the ability to share her own great adversities and life changing experiences to empower others with a deep passion and desire to reach one more for Jesus.  She is on fire, profoundly biblically literate, and a mighty spiritual warrior for the Lord!  Workplace, LOOK OUT FOR HELEN MITCHELL!”

Kathy Wall
SOC Aglow in the Workplace

Integrating Business and Biblical Counsel
“Over the years, I have found value in the wise counsel of solid Christian management experts such as Helen Mitchell, who is helping business leaders sort through the challenges of business and how to apply Godly ideals in the marketplace.  My clients and I have been delighted with how Helen helps us build teams that reflect the character of God. We are grateful for Helen’s encouragement and wisdom throughout our planning process.”

Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA
Family Office Services, Inc.

Breaking Thru
People perish for a lack of strategy, but without organizational effectiveness and effective leadership, organizations will be unduly stressed.
Speaking Engagements
Helen brings real world solutions to everyday challenges… Let Helen inspire and motivate you. Watch now!
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Your Work has Meaning and Purpose. These Biblically based, workplace applicable devotionals will empower you to apply God's truth to your work life.
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